Guests Booking Conditions

Online cancellation policy

Cancellations notified more than 30 days prior to arrival day will be entitled to a full refund. 

Cancellations notified 30 days or less and more than 14 days prior to the arrival day will forfeit their payment. 

Cancellations 14 days or less prior to the arrival day will forfeit all monies paid unless we are able to rebook your entire stay to another group at full tarrif.

COVID-19 Related Cancellations Please note all interstate guests booking must comply with our government & The House with the Orange Door policies & procedures regarding COVID – 19 protocol. 

Please be mindful, The House with the orange door are not offering refunds for COVID-19 related cancellations or boarder closures a booking credit will be offered under these circumstances. Partial bookings will incur the same booking cost as original booking. 

Re-Bookings must be equivalent to the booking previously made.